"Reliable and affordable product that fits many small niche needs."
      -- Alvaro from Van Nuys, United States

MIDI Expression Quattro


With a width of 82 mm, a length of 58mm, and a height of 20mm, MIDI Expression Quattro puts a lot of power into a small footprint.

Truly Plug 'n Play

No need to install drivers or mess with settings. MIDI Expression devices offer a complete plug and and play experience right out of the box.
Pedal sensing technology built into each input detects the type of pedal plugged in and automatically loads a customizable preset to best support it.
All MIDI Expression devices are class compliant, meaning they do not require installing a driver and are compatible with any operating system that supports USB devices including Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, and Android 3.0 and above.

Plays Well with Others

Every MIDI Expression input is compatible with expression pedals, sustain pedals, footswitches, and even force sensitive resistors found in most hihat pedal designs. With polarity reversing inputs, MIDI Expression devices boast maximum compatibility with gear from different manufactures.

Total Control

While MIDI Expression's Pedal Sensing technology automatically configures inputs to support the type of pedal that's plugged in them, the default settings for each pedal type might not suit everyone's needs. Using the optional MIDI Expression Control application, however, you can easily configure basic settings for each pedal type such as the type of MIDI message being sent, the channel it's being sent on, and minimum and maximum values.
The control application also has many advanced features like the ability to calibrate the voltage range of your pedals or tailor the response curves of your expression pedals. It even gives you access to special modes for sustain pedals and footswitches designed to allow users to scroll up and down through patch changes using a single pedal.
The control application is currently available for Windows and OSX.

Features that let you Do More

MIDI Expression lets you do a lot more with your pedals.
For sustain pedals and footswitches, MIDI Expression has special modes that use the idea of short and long presses. With these modes you can do things like send out two separate control change messages, or increment and decrement program change messages.
For expression pedals and hihat controllers, MIDI Expression lets you generate velocity sensitive notes corresponding to how fast you press the pedal--perfect for triggering drum samples.
Use your pedals to send key commands and access functions inside your favorite applications. Using a momentary switch, you can even send two different key commands with a single pedal.
MIDI Expression's MIDI Effects Processor allows you to dynamically transform MIDI messages. Use it with a switch type pedal to quicly toggle between different channels.
Using the Expression Curve, you can fine tune the response curve of your pedals adding more detail and resolution to certain areas of your pedal's travel.
MIDI Expression is able to process hihat controllers, allowing you to trigger both foot and splash articulations in addition to sending out CC4 position messages.

Parameter Feedback

When using a sustain pedal or footswitch in CC toggle or INC / DEC modes, MIDI Expression monitors its USB MIDI connection and updates its values accordingly. This means that if you are using MIDI Expression to control your DAW, changes you make with the mouse can be sent to the device so that the two are always in sync.

Value Persistence

MIDI Expression devices remember their toggle position or current patch value even after being unplugged, ensuring that your device is always in the exact state as you last left it in.

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